Here is a collection of screenshots I have from Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age Inquisition. I don't have any for DA2 because my PC doesn't have DA2.

Kitranna and Jowan, and that Chantry cow he fell in love with in the background.

Morrigan and Kitranna's first meeting! That purple dress really doesn't suit Kitranna very well.

Alistair, Morrigan and Kitranna hanging out at Lothering. Kitranna really needs to do something about her outfit. Morrigan is rocking that robe, though.

Leliana has joined the gang, and oh look, they're meeting Zevran too!

Phew, finally, a better outfit for Kitranna, found while the gang hung out in the woods.

Morrigan and Kitranna being judgemental.

Morrigan and Kitranna making out, thanks to the equal-opportunity Morrigan romance mod I used!

Truth be told, these are just to show off some of Kitranna's cool armors. I love the Arcane Warrior specialization, it lets her wear such neat outfits.

Arethin in her cool uniform. I really liked that palette for the uniforms, I have to say.

Arethin and Iron Bull. Another armor mod gives Arethin that sweet coat.

Used an equal opportunity romance mod with Cassandra to great effect.

Arethin and the gang investigating the Winter Palace. I really like all the armors I crafted!

Cassandra and Arethin at the Winter Palace!

Arethin being smug